‘You’ll never even be close’ – Sky pundit baffled by Everton fans fires warning over PL ambition

Charlie Nicholas revealed he was baffled by Everton fans and fired a warning at the club over their ambition to finish in the top seven of the Premier League.

The Sky Sports pundit shared his views about how the Toffees’ current season was going under Marco Silva and instead highlighted how he thought supporters didn’t know what they wanted from a boss.

Nicholas shared that Toffees supporters were just confused in his opinion and were realistic to want their club competing in the top-half of the Premier League but that their side would get no where with their defence.

“Everton fans don’t know what they want, I’ve done enough Everton games with 15-20 minutes gone and it’s pass, pass, pass and they let the team know very quickly they’re not happy,” said the pundit on Sky Sports’ The Debate (Sky Sports Premier League, Saturday January 12, 23:07).

“So they go from Martinez, over pass, to Koeman who is giving money, comes in with a strength, gives them organisation, a shape that’s threatening and it did threaten the top-six that was the first time since Moyes, that they seriously threatened the top six and nearly got there.

“Then they very quickly got him out the door, I like the club a lot but if you’re trying to work out what Everton is, it’s about heart and soul and the beat of the club.

“I don’t know what their style is anymore, or what they’re looking for, is it pass pass pass, no we want to go back to front but I don’t know what it is.

“But I tell you what if you don’t sort out your defence, you’ll never even be close to the top seven.

“No I don’t think (fans are unrealistically) are as it’s a giant club but there are other clubs competing with them, champions Leicester, Wolves, teams like Bournemouth at times have been six or seventh and the should be a threat and they’re looking at Bournemouth going, hold on how are they up here? How are Wolves in first season threatening, why did Leicester win the title why can’t we go after.

“So I don’t think they’re above their station, they are just confused.”

Nicholas may have a point in fairness. Under Sam Allardyce last season there was so much attention on the Toffees’ playing style and results weren’t as appreciated as they should be. However it’s easy to see why supporters who paid their hard-earned money were unimpressed by Allardyce’s style at football as at times their side clearly wasn’t going all out for a win as they had a fear of losing.

Yet there seems to be a negative vibe starting to surrounding Silva’s reign at Goodison Park despite him supplying football that is pleasing for the eye. This is due to a series of disappointing results but you can tell that the team is a work in progress.

The Toffees boss may have seen the club spend big in the summer to recruit new players but his still implementing his style and trying to get the side understanding what he wants for them. This of course is in turn leading to them dropping points in games fans don’t expect them to.