Some Tottenham fans blast Kyle Walker after post: ’10 years of hard work…undone in one tweet’


Kyle Walker has caused quite the stir among some Tottenham fans after posting a tweet on Friday.

After Manchester City were drawn to take on Spurs in the Champions League quarter-finals, Walker took to his personal Twitter account to say: “This will be fun”.

For some reason, a number of Tottenham fans have reacted angrily to Walker’s post, even though it seems quite harmless.

Of course it will be fun for him to play against his former team-mates and some of his friends, and it’s much better to see the England international post something worth talking about than something boring that most Spurs players usually post.

Walker will receive a lot of attention when Mauricio Pochettino’s men come to blows with Pep Guardiola’s men in April, but hopefully that won’t distract us from what is bound to be a very good match-up over two legs.

Man City have to be the favourites though, especially due to Spurs’ poor record against them.

This is Futbol has rounded up some of the best tweets below: