Quick fix: Why Everton may have just identified the perfect Marco Silva replacement – opinion

Everton have got more than a few of their managerial appointments wrong since the departure of David Moyes. Indeed, since the Scotsman departed, it’s been a long period of regression for the Toffees – and under Silva, things aren’t getting better.

In fact, they’re getting worse – much worse – and perhaps now is the time for the club to take action. Nothing about Silva’s reign is offering reason to be excited at present, and their season is beginning to turn into one of irrelevance.

Fortunately, the club doesn’t appear to be settling at present, with the Mirror reporting that the Toffees are considering Marcelo Bielsa as a potential replacement for their current boss.

Bielsa’s a controversial figure, and his appointment would certainly generate headlines, but for Everton, would he be a good fit? Well, you could certainly argue that he would.

Headlines would come Everton’s way every week, you’d expect, but so would results.

After all, what Everton need right now is a bit of fiery leadership, and Bielsa has that in droves. For too long, they’ve brought in managers that don’t prioritise discipline and straight-talking, and the Argentine is as to the point as they come. Marco Silva has danced around the topic all season long, refusing to confront the issues facing him, and that’s simply not good enough. The Everton squad doesn’t seem to be responding to his methods – and so perhaps the introduction of a taskmaster is what they need.

That said, Bielsa is 100 miles away from the connotations that usually come with the term taskmaster, namely the prospect of being old and outdated. Bielsa’s style of play is very much one that has been born in modernity, with offensive play and a high-press all core fundamentals to his game. Appointing him wouldn’t be a harp back to days gone by. To the contrary, it would be an appointment with an eye on the future.

Perhaps most importantly, though, is Bielsa’s record. He’s not proven in the Premier League, of course, but he’s done well both internationally and in England – with his Leeds United team impressing at present. Sure, they’re in the league below, but the same principles apply. His methods work in the physically demanding English pyramid – and if he can bring stability to Leeds, he certainly can bring it to Everton.

Is he a long-term option? Maybe not. He’s proven over the years that he doesn’t stick around for too long. However, what Everton need is results – and he’s certainly got the credentials to suggest that he’d be able to offer that. Headlines would come Everton’s way every week, you’d expect, but so would results.