Ian Wright reveals why he deleted Tottenham post, slams Arsenal fans, delivers Spurs CL verdict

Ian Wright took to Twitter to explain why he deleted a tweet praising Tottenham after their incredible 3-0 win against Borussia Dortmund.

Wright posted a tweet that contained a gif of Leonardo DiCaprio applauding with one word “Spurs”, and it seems like a number of Arsenal fans didn’t take too kindly to this.

Wright says that he received “vile abuse” from Arsenal fans but took the tweet down because it “lacked context”.

To prove he’s still got the balls to praise Tottenham he doubled down, saying that “they were brilliant without key players. 3-0 is a great result!”

He also appealed for “More love” from football fans everywhere.


Ian Wright said his first tweet lacked context, and from one perspective you can see why it would anger Arsenal fans.

However, you’d have to be pretty stupid to not get the context of a tweet sent minutes after the team he’s talking about won 3-0 against strong opposition in the Champions League.

We get that Arsenal fans don’t like Tottenham, and we understand they might be bitter about watching Spurs storm the Champions League while they get ready for a Europa League match on what used to be called “Spursday”.

But, please, get a grip. Wright is a Gooner through and through, but he’s also a pundit and if he’s not allowed to deliver judgement on Spurs without receiving “vile abuse”, what is the world coming to?

Twitter is a great tool but also a hotbed for idiots who want to spray abuse about. We guarantee that most Arsenal fans would look at the tweet he sent last night and allow themselves a wry, if bitter, smile. What’s happening is happening – what’s the point in trying to pretend it’s not?