How Jamie Carragher got told off by Liverpool coaches for celebrating Everton goal

Liverpool legend Jamie Carragher was once told off by his coaches for celebrating an Everton goal.

Carragher was “Everton-mad” growing up and was a regular at both home and away games.

He would even wear his blue shirt while training at the Liverpool School of Excellence.

The 41-year-old went on to make 737 total appearances in an illustrious 17-season career at the Reds.

Carragher said that signing for Liverpool as a youngster wanted him to show his true colours even more and it got him into trouble.

“I remember returning with the Liverpool reserve squad from a mid-afternoon game early in 1996 while Everton were playing an FA Cup third round replay at Stockport,” Carragher said in his autobiography, Carra.

“The radio match commentary was on as the coach made its way back to Melwood and naturally I was listening to every word and urging Everton to win.

Stockport scored, and Ronnie Moran and Sammy Lee, who were in charge of the Reserves at the time, couldn’t hide their delight.

“’One–nil!’ shouted Ronnie, the sense of joy inescapable. Sitting at the back of the coach, I simmered away inside, praying we’d get back into the game.

“Then my moment came. Everton equalised. I couldn’t resist. ‘Get in!’ I screamed.

‘Who the f**k was that?’ shouted Ronnie who, as the first team coach, was still in the dark about my youthful loyalties.

“I wouldn’t say it was the cue for a witch hunt, but Ronnie might as well have been holding a pitchfork as he swooped to find the culprit.

“The next day I was hauled before our youth coaches, Hugh McAuley and Dave Shannon, for one of those ‘quiet chats’ footballers have to get used to during the course of a career.

“’Listen, Jamie, you’ve got to sort this out,’ Hughie said to me. ‘The senior staff have high hopes you’ll play for the first team. It’s time for you to start behaving like a Liverpool player.’

“I walked out of that meeting having heard the warning, but it was going to take more than a gentle pep talk to stop me loving Everton.”

Liverpool take on Everton at Goodison Park in the Premier League on Sunday with the Reds top-of-the-table by one point.