Arsenal’s Adidas 2019-20 kit is leaked. It’s yellow, retro & very cool

Arsenal’s Adidas 2019-20 kit
Arsenal fans are busy sharing new leaked images of their brand new 2019-20 Adidas kit.

The Arsenal shirt is yellow, with a classic old-school flavour.

Many fans will love the new merchandise as it harks back to famous previous Gunners kist.

It’s a throwback to Arsenal’s old yellow kits worn with the JVC logo back in the late 1980s.

So what do we know about this new Arsenal kit. Footy Headlines reveal the following:

The Adidas Arsenal retro jersey has long sleeves and combines the main colour ‘equipment yellow’ with ‘collegiate navy’, which is possibly Arsenal’s most popular away kit color combo.

A monochrome crest is used, situated on the left chest of the Arsenal 2019-20 long-sleeve retro soccer jersey, while the Three Stripes are applied to the front of the design in an enormous size.

Arsenal’s Adidas deal
Adidas will change their kit makers this year.

The Gunners will move from Puma to Adidas from July 1st 2019.

Standard Sport previously claimed the Adidas deal is worth a massive £300 million over five years.

That works out at £60 million per season, and will be huge for Arsenal – making it the third biggest kit deal in football.

Arsenal will only be behind Manchester United and Barcelona.

The Gunners have spent five years with Puma.