Snap of footballer Eric Dier sends social media into meltdown

A seemingly innocuous snap of footballer Eric Dier has sent social media into meltdown after fans spotted a rather rude looking protrusion in his tracksuit bottoms.

The Tottenham midfielder, 24, posted a snap with Sporting Clube de Portugal president Frederico Varandas and players Carlos Mané, Adrien Silva, Luís Nani to Instagram, catching fans’ attention.

Eric, who grew up in Portugal and trained with Sporting described it as a snap with ‘family’, but followers were more interested in what appeared to be the outline of his manhood showing through his trousers.

‘You look very happy to see them,’ one joked.

It’s not clear if the photo does indeed give away more than the footballer bargained for, of if it was just an optical illusion caused by a fold in the fabric of his tracksuit.

Commenters were quick to take to Twitter to poke fun at the snap, with one sharing a zoomed in version, saying: ‘Holy mother of God’.

Another added sarcastically: ‘I now get why Eric Dier isn’t the quickest across the ground.’