Tottenham Hotspur star reveals incredible attempts to play through pain

Tottenham Hotspur star Heung-min Son has admitted he played though the pain in the final weeks of the season – and now needs to rest up before he has to play international football.

He noted that six weeks of painkillers isn’t out of the question for players, and that he was lucky to play so much football this season – and for the main part, avoid injury.

“I really played a lot this season, but luckily I had no big injuries and gained some experience,” Standard Sport report the striker said in Seoul.

“I did take painkillers for the last six weeks to play in matches, but there aren’t footballers who are free from injury. I’ll take some rest this week, and I’ll be fine.

“I don’t know which German players will compete against us, but I know I’ll talk with some German players after the match.

“It was my dream to play against Germany on the big stage, so I need to be very well prepared for the match.”